Taco Bell's specialty frozen drink just turned 15 years old and they're celebrating by adding something extra to it.

Yes, Taco Bell is celebrating the birthday of its famous Baja Blast.

The frosty treat contains Mountain Dew and a twist of lime.

Can you believe this famous frozen slushy drink has been around for 15 years?!

I gotta be honest ... I really didn't know it even existed, but now I just might have to try it.

So here is how their tweaking the drink.

The limited edition birthday blast will contain colorful candy confetti, according to thrillist.com.

It's priced at $2.49 for a regular size and $2.79 for a large.

Good news! If you go to your local Taco Bell's happy hour between 2pm-5pm, you can score the Birthday Baja Blast for only $1.

The Birthday Blast made its debut this past summer and began to sell in stores more recently.

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