Our "little" Phonechick Tiffany is getting married today. We're so excited to get dressed up, see the wedding, and then party all night!

She was out of the office today, so we took the time to come up with some wedding day tips for our girl.

You know: Dave & I are married, so we feel like we're kind of experts, and Adam.. well....forget it. He'll just make some up, because he'll never get married (he won't even let me set him up).  Ok! So here they are...

The Crew's Wedding Day Tips for Tiffany

1. Get that famous kiss at the altar.

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When Dave got married, his Honey Bunny forgot to kiss him, and went walking out of the church. He had to whistle her back to get his smooch.

2. Assemble Your Pee Squad


Trying to pee in a wedding dress is no joke, and you don't want any part of it falling in the toilet, so grab some people to go with you and hold your dress up. I know this sounds embarrassing, but, having your dress dipped in pee is worse.

3. Don't Forget to Eat!


We know you: you'll be dancing around and talking to everyone during the reception. But, please don't forget to eat! We KNOW that you get "hangry," and nobody wants a hangry bride.

4. Stay Awake Saturday Night!


We know you love your naps, and that you get tired by 8:30pm, but stay awake for that wedding night action! You know who this tip is from, right? Dave!

5. Have a Great Day!


We joke, but we do love you. After all this planning, enjoy yourself, even if little things don't go as planned.  It's going to be an amazing day. Mwah!