Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? There are some unbelievably good dessert places in Mercer County that you really need to try ASAP, if you haven't already.

Visit Princeton came up with the initial list, and I will say their picks are spot on, but, I have a few more to add....and, I'm not talking about just ice cream, I'm talking about all desserts.

Here's Visit Princeton's list:

1. Cafe Du Pain in Lawrenceville. They have the best baked goods. I'm there often. Their website says their baked goods are "inspired by cultures, languages, and customs from around the globe. A local bakery that brings the world to you." While you're there, they also have delicious sandwiches (the chicken salad on a croissant is my favorite), savory pastries filled with seasoned beef, chicken or vegetables, flatbreads, quiche, and so, so much more.

2. Also in Lawrenceville, The Gingered Peach. Their cinammon buns are to die for. Their Lemon Blueberry loaf is one of my favorite things of all time...their chocolate chip cookies too. Visit Princeton says you must try their peach pie....try everything, trust me. I love The Peach (I'm a Lville local, so I can say that. lol).

3. Right around the corner from the Gingered Peach in Lawrenceville is the gluten free bakery, Wildflour Bakery/Cafe. I haven't had one thing from there that I didn't absolutely love. I know it's not dessert, but, I've also had the best french toast ever there.

3. Thomas Sweet in Princeton. A Classic and local favorite.  The best ice cream. I love their blend-ins, where they mix in your favorite toppings and candies. I always get Reeses Peanut Butter Cups blended in. So many flavors to choose from. You can't go wrong.

They have a few more on the list....you can see them HERE.

I think they missed a few awesome places, so wanted to add a few to their list:

The Purple Cow in Lawrenceville...a stone's throw from The Gingered Peach and Wildflour Bakery. A charming place with great outdoor seating, creative flavors, great sundaes....a must.

Halo Pub in Hamilton. Locally made ice cream...you can taste the difference (their chocolate peanut butter is my favorite)...it's just better than the others. Plus, we've had date night there...they have live music sometimes on the weekends.

I could go on and on....there are so many other great dessert places in our area. Just because you don't see your favorite on this list, doesn't mean it isn't great. Tell me your favorites, and I'll add them to my summer bucket list.



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