Have you noticed the tents popping up in some store parking lots in the area, selling fireworks? Don't worry, they're legal.

I first noticed the one in the Wegmans parking lot in Nassau Park Pavillion in West Windsor, NJ, not too long ago. I saw another one in Plainsboro, too. There was a big camper parked next to it. It seemed a little weird to me. There hasn't been one there in years past, and I thought to myself that the police would be by soon to tell them to leave. But, it didn't happen. I've been by there several times since then, and it's still there, and as we get closer to the 4th of July, it seemed to be getting more and more customers. Hmmm....maybe it's legit.

So, I googled "fireworks tent in Nassau Park Pavilion," and got my answer. It's a pop up location of the TNT Fireworks, with locations all over the place...stands, tents, and in chain stores. To find one near you, click HERE.

It looked like they were having some pretty decent sales, when I went by yesterday.

For more information, click HERE.

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