I can't believe Thanksgiving is already just around the corner. Thanksgiving is of my favorite holidays because I can drink, eat, sleep, eat more, and sleep again as many times as I want in that order without being judged. Well, that's true for the most part.

While Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what you have to be thankful for, it's also a great time to celebrate with your loved ones.

Friends from your hometown travel home to be with their families on Thanksgiving, so the night before Thanksgiving is usually a popular bar night for reuniting with old pals.

I usually head to Wildflowers in Pennington, New Jersey the night before Thanksgiving, which is where I grew up.

I'm joined with some people I'm happy to see, and other's who I could go without seeing... but that's the sacrifice.

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Here are some other bars in Mercer, Burlington, and Bucks County that are popular locations for Thanksgiving Eve

|Killarney's Publick House| 

At Killarney's, you will find locals from Hamilton New Jersey throwing down some Irish Whisky.

So, Thanksgiving eve will surely be a night to remember.

...or not remember

|Jimmy's American Grill| 

Formerly Al Starz Bar And Grill, Jimmy's Firestone is the place to go to spend time with friends in Bordentown, NJ


Formerly known as Kat Man Du, RHO isn't your local dive bar.

BUT.. this dance club in Trenton does bring in a local crowd from Mercer County and Bucks County (which is just a short trip across the river).

|Havana New Hope| 

Havana in New Hope is a very similar vibe to RHO.

Get prepared to dance with the locals of New Hope, Lambertville, Washington Crossing, and Titusville.

|Bill's Olde Tavern| 

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Bill's Olde Tavern is a great dive bar right in the heart of Hamilton

They have great deals for drinks during Thanksgiving eve.

It usually gets super packed, so get there early!

What bars did we leave off the list? Let us know, and we'll add to it.

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