Franklin the Dog, the mascot of the Philadelphia 76ers, recently did his own parody of the movie "Bird Box."

If you already watched the hit movie on Netflix then you'll appreciate the clip below. If not, you'll still like the surprise of what's actually inside Franklin's "bird box." You can see the 76ers' version below.

I think the hilarious wish for good luck to the Eagles worked because they beat the Chicago Bears 16 to 15. Just like "Bird Box," people have been talking about the win because of Sunday's "Double Doink" kick.

SPOILER ALERT (kind of): maybe the kicker from the Bears saw the monster/creature/entity from "Bird Box" before he kicked and that's what messed with him. You can see a clip of the "Double Doink" kick below.

If you're interested in watching "Bird Box" I added the trailer below. I recommend you watch it so you can be in on all the jokes, parodies, and memes that are coming out based on the hype around the movie. Plus, you should watch it because it's actually really good.

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