Yes, autumn is upon us. Time for everyone to get 'basic'. Pull out the Uggs, leggings and pumpkin flavored everything!

Dude ... pumpkin is the bomb tho!

From coffee to scented candles to beer! We're all ready to (pumpkin) spice things up.

And by the way doesn't everything taste a little better when it's locally made? Like, why? Because we have such home town pride? Legit there is nothing like a locally brewed beer and even better, there's nothing like a locally brewed beer that's pumpkin flavored.

That's why this list is lit ... (like how I'm going to be off these Philly brewed pumpkin flavored beers ... just kidding. The only thing getting lit this year are my pumpkin scented candles.)

Iron Hill Brewery Pumpkin Ale

Multiple locations

Iron Hill has a newly minted location in Center City now, meaning now there's a whole new way sample the light, vanilla-cinnamon flavor of the brewpub's annual Pumpkin Ale. You can also grab cans in a 4-pack.

IBU: 30 | ABV: 5.5%

Evil Genius Beer Company Trick or Treat Porter


Evil Genius does not mess around with its brews, so don't expect any fad-chasing, flavorless fall options here. Instead, check out the Trick or Treat chocolate pumpkin porter, brewed with chocolate (obviously) and spices for a dark, robust take on the pumpkin craze.

IBU: 35 | ABV: 7.8%

Manayunk Brewing Co. Yunkin' Pumpkin


The Yunkin' Pumpkin is perfect if you're on the hunt for all of fall's spices coming at you full force in one glass. The ale gives off an aroma of nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon, and clove, translating seamlessly to a drinkable dessert.

IBU: 17 | ABV: 5.5%

Weyerbacher Brewing Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Easton, Pennsylvania

Here's a pumpkin ale that packs a punch. With a slightly higher alcohol content than your average ale, Weyerbacher gives us a heartier beer that emphasizes caramel and pumpkin, with just undertones of all the other go-to fall spices.

IBU: 21 | ABV: 8%

Lancaster Brewing Co. Baked Pumpkin Ale

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

This local option that takes inspiration from pumpkin pie, emphasizing vanilla flavor and further sweetening the deal with strong aromas of pumpkin spice, brown sugar, ginger, and cinnamon. The end result is a deep amber ale with very little bitterness.

IBU: 20 | ABV: 7.5%

Perkasie, Pennsylvania

If you want to get in the autumn spirit of pumpkin season but aren't actually a huge pumpkin fan, this could be a good pick for you. Though brewed with pumpkin spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, the end taste isn't too overbearingly pumpkiny, instead giving off some hoppiness and pale malt flavoring.

IBU: 28 | ABC: 5%


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