I feel like every other day when Chris reads the weather, she says we are under a heat advisory. We've had one hot summer and it's not over yet. Currently, we are under a heat advisory until tomorrow night and that was extended and it may extend again! I know everyone thinks that when the weather is really warm, they need to head to the beach to take advantage, trust me I get it, but the beach may not be the best place to be during a heat advisory.

Here are some tips from Ready.gov to make sure you stay cool and safe during these extremely hot days.

  • Stay inside air conditioning if you can! You may wanna be tempted to stay outside and soak in the nice weather, but the air conditioning is way better.
  • Avoid long activities outdoors! (like laying out at the beach)
  • Drink plenty of water!
  • Do not keep pets in cars and to add to that, don't even let them play outside for too long. Those poor pups can get dehydrated just like you can.

Heat advisory can also bring strong thunderstorms that can knock out your power, check out my list of things you should always have in case of a power outage.

Check out Ready.gov for more tips on ways to stay cool and even ways you can keep your house cool at all times during the summer.

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