Every time I drive on Street Road in Bensalem I fear for my life. So it's no surprise that the Knights Road/Street Road intersection is considered to be one of the most dangerous roads in the entire country.

I cross this particular intersection often. I take Knights Road as a quicker way to get to the Giant in nearby shopping center, or my gynecologist. Every time I ride down that windy road, I think about how easily it is to end up in a unfortunate situation. You take your eyes off the road for a split second and you can end up with your car flipped over in the woods that align the street.

Then Knights Road collides with Street Road, which is arguable every Bucks County residents' least favorite road, and you get a complete cluster f***.

According to Shrager & Shachs, this intersection has been named one of the most dangerous and deadliest in the country  mainly because of how confusing it is. From the way the roads are shaped to how difficult it can be to understand the traffic signs, it's so easy for someone to make a wrong move and end up in a car accident.

The sad part about it is that this intersection has had this reputation for over 10 years, according to NBC Philadelphia.  Back in 2014 there was no other intersection in the entire United States that was considered to be deadlier than the one we have right here in Bucks County.

Yet, why hasn't city officials done anything about it?


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