About a month ago, I moved back to New Jersey after spending three years in living in Central Pennsylvania. As soon as I knew I was moving back, I threw myself into a frenzy trying to find a place to live, either in Central Jersey, South(ish) Jersey, or Northeast Philadelphia.

I ended up temporarily staying with my mom in North Jersey, which has been great because it allowed me to commute to work, save some money, and it's given me more time to search for an apartment.

Since work is located in the Trenton/Princeton area, naturally, my very first search in Apartments.com was "Princeton." And hoo boy.

My coworkers weren't kidding when they warned me that renting in Princeton costs a pretty penny. And of course it does. Princeton is aesthetically beautiful, with amazing shops and restaurants, and offers a very luxurious college-town lifestyle.

But still, the temptation to see just what I couldn't afford was too much to resist. I wanted to "ooh" and "ahh" and fantasize about walking into my open-concept kitchen, casually wrapped in a $300 cashmere cardigan like the rich women do in the TV shows I love.

These expensive apartments I saw offered on Apartments.com ranged from about $3000-$6,000/per month. Granted, these were 2-3 bedroom units for renters with more than one income, and I am but a single lady with two cats, so I wasn't torturing myself too badly.

This 1,467 sq. ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment was being advertised for $6,155/per month, and I thought it looked gorgeous. Right now, it's the most expensive apartment rental being advertised in Princeton, New Jersey via Apartments.com

Let's take a took inside.

Here is the Most Expensive Apartment in Princeton NJ

Note that this is the most expensive apartment in Princeton NJ advertised by Apartments.com as of early May 2022.

What do you think? Is it worth the price tag? Let us know!

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