The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission has announced that the Lower Trenton toll bridge walkway will be closed today (Monday, June 1st) and tomorrow (Tuesday, June 2nd) for repairs, according to Peterson's Breaking News of Trenton.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Where the heck is the Lower Trenton toll bridge?" you are not alone. I didn't know either. It's the "Trenton Makes the World Takes" Bridge.

The 1,022-foot-long by 8-foot wide walkway will be closed each day (today and tomorrow, June 1st and 2nd) from 9 am until around 2:30 pm.

Of course, the first closure comes on a beautiful, sunny, cooler day, when many people would typically be walking or bicycling across the bridge, but, you'll have to stay clear. Tomorrow looks like there may be some rain in the afternoon.

The reason for the closure is a good one. Maintenance workers will be making much-needed improvements to the walkway. They'll be replacing the old wooden planks with newer, safer, composite decking, according to the article. I'm sure local users will love this change. The last time the walkway was replaced was six years ago.

For these two days of repairs, walkers and bicycle riders are being asked to use the Calhoun Street Bridge, which is very close to the "Trenton Makes" bridge. Although, the other nearby bridge, the Trenton - Morrisville Bridge does not have a walking or bicycling path.

From what I read, the Trenton Makes Bridge walkway will be open during the repair days, when the work crews aren't there, so if you need to get across, you'll be able to before or after each day's work.

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