The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission has turned the letters on the "Trenton Makes The World Takes" bridge to rainbow colors, in honor of Pride month, according to Mid Jersey News.

If you'd like to get a glance, on your way in or out of Pennsylvania, you'd better do it quick. It's only going to be lit up like a rainbow until tonight (June 29th). It's been lit like that since last week.

It's so pretty. It made me so happy. So many Pride parades, festivals, and other events were supposed to be taking place all month long to celebrate diversity, but, because of coronavirus concerns, had to be canceled, but, Trenton made sure to still show its pride.

Trenton Mayor, W. Reed Gusciora said, “In the face of the COVID-19, Trenton is among many cities across the country that have shelved Pride month celebrations and other public events in order to protect public health. While we can’t celebrate in the streets, we can always celebrate in our hearts, and we’re excited that our city’s diverse heritage will be proudly represented on one of our most iconic landmarks."

NBC 10 Philadelphia says the Trenton bridge was upgraded with new LED lights that are able to change colors back in 2017. It was such a welcomed change. I've seen it lit up green for St. Patrick's Day, pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, and many other occasions. Before that, my family would make bets as we were approaching the bridge on how many lights would be out in the sign...they were rarely all lit. Now it looks beautiful. Click here to see the pictures.

Happy Pride from 'PST.

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