I've got great news for you. The iconic red triangle home in Wildwood that I was telling you about last month has been saved, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Phew.

It was being offered for free to anyone who could move it before it was demolished by the new owners of the land, that the house has sat on for many years, to build condos.

The house, at the corner of Bennett Avenue and Park Boulevard, is a cute little barn red A-frame that's become a sight-seeing spot in town. The woman who lives next door to the house, Veronica Nacazio, says people from all over stop to see it and get out of their cars to take pictures in front of it.

It's a part of the history of Wildwood that many people wanted to see saved. There's a group, Preserving the Wildwoods, that was desperate to get it relocated, and it happened today, just in the nick of time.

The owner of Destination Destiny, Ed Bixby, paid for most of the moving costs of the house...which was $18,000 and is going to store the house on his horse farm in Upper Township, about 20 miles north of Wildwood. He said he'd be open to returning it there one day.

Getting it out of town was the challenge. Because of it's height, it wouldn't clear electric line so they had to cut the top half off and they put it back together when it got to its new home.

For more on the story and to see photos of its move, click here.

I'm so happy it has a new home, for now.

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