Tomorrow is Veteran's Day and Lawrence Township wants to thank the residents who have served our country with a free lunch today. According to The Patch, the first 100 Lawrence Township Veterans who drive up to the municipal building, which is on 2207 Lawrence Road in Lawrence, will receive free lunch courtesy of Captain Paul's Firehouse Dogs. They will begin distributing free lunches at 11:30 and will stop at 1:30 or whenever they run out of lunches. Lawrence Veterans will drive up to the municipal building and receive their free lunch as well as a Veteran's mask. This is a great wya to keep everyone safe and celebrate the Veterans in the community of Lawrence.

I know a lot of Veterans of all ages. Some of them served many years ago and some of them served not too long ago. I always say, anyone who wants to fight for our country deserves recognition is more ways than one. Veteran's Day is a great way to say "Thank You" to the men and women who have served our country, no matter what they've done. Even if it's just a free lunch, it tells them that we care bout them and we care about the service that they have done. Too many veterans suffer from PTSD or depression, and we need to make sure they feel our appreciation.

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