When Netflix announced earlier this week that they would be raising their prices, people got a little angry. Okay, they got very angry! It's most popular membership that used to cost $11, will now cost $13. Netflix will be charging $2 more a month and that adds up to $24 a year.

If you're so upset with the price hike and feel like there's no way you can ever trust Netflix again and wanna drop it immediately, there may be a solution for you. A free service named Freedive could be the answer you've been looking for. Freedive comes from the people of IMDB, the site where you go if you need to know anything about actors and the movies they were in. It's also easy to access. It's easy to access and set up ans you sign in with a free IMDB account that you can set up. You'll have to watch some commercials, but all streaming services usually have some.

But come on, it's only a $2 increase! Saying goodbye to Netflix is crazy! Even if you go with this streaming service, your selections are going to be limited. But, hey, everyone reaches their breaking point.

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