A South Jersey Uber driver has been fired after a viral video made the rounds on the web this weekend, which appeared to show the driver kicking two passengers out of the car because they were gay.

The rider, who goes by Kristin Michele on Facebook, alleges that she kissed her girlfriend, Jenn, on the cheek shortly after the ride began from Oaklyn, NJ. The pair were on their way to the Zac Brown Band Concert at the BB&T Pavilion on Friday night. Kristin leaned over to give Jenn a kiss on the cheek a few minutes into the ride, NJ.com reported.

Kristin says that the driver pulled over immediately saying, "you need to get out of my car." When Kristin asked why she was being kicked out of the vehicle, the driver responded with, "I won't have that in my car," Kristin says.

Kristin began filming the encounter, and she has shared the video on Facebook: In the clip (posted below) you can hear the following encounter:

Kristin: "Are you kicking me out because I am gay?"
Driver: "Yes, I am. Yes. Get out."

Here's the full video, which does contain some NSFW language.

By the way, Kristin wrote on Facebook that she apologizes for the language in the video, by the way. "While most people have “understood” my words it doesn’t make them right," Kristin shared. 

Kristin said she has reported the incident to Uber, and an Uber spokesperson confirmed to 94.5 PST over the weekend that the driver has been banned from the app.

"Uber does not tolerate discrimination in any form and we have been in contact with this rider. We removed the driver’s access to the app as soon as we were made aware of this incident," a spokesperson for Uber told us.

The company's guidelines and policies for drivers do not allow for any discrimination against passengers.

The couple ultimately took a train ride to the concert, but their story has gone viral with the video having thousands of views.

"Thank you everyone, for proving that love is stronger than hate and thank you for the support," Kristin wrote on Facebook over the weekend as she reacted to the support.

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