Wawa is always coming in clutch at any time of the day because it just never closes. In the middle of the night if you are trying to get a late night snack you know everything else is closed but Wawa is always there to save you.

Now, Wawa may be coming in clutch in a completely different way. Remember in 2019 when Wawa was in trouble with data breaching and all of that stuff? According to Philly Voice, because of the data breach situation in 2019 many people will probably be able to get a cut out of the $8 million in the form of gift cards and $1 million in the form of cash reimbursements.

We learned from Philly Voice that anyone that used their credit card or debit card at any Wawa location from March 4, 2019 and Dec. 12, 2019, will be able to get a gift card or some cash.

The gift cards and cash will be up for grabs for those Wawa customers that were affected IF the settlement is approved. Let's hope it does get approved and we all should check to see if we are eligible for a cut out of all of this money.
It was stated on Philly Voice that to be eligible you must be able to show proof that you had some sort of fraudulent charge. If you are able to do that you are able to get a $15 gift card. If you are the type of person that just wants a gift card from Wawa even though you don't have proof of fraudulent charge you won’t be completely out of luck. Without proof, you will only be eligible for a $5 gift card. You gotta take whatever you can.

As for the cash payout that is up to $500 but you have to really show proof that you were part of a "successful malware attack" and lost money with the Wawa data breach.

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