Did you know that Wawa actually has a spooky secret drink menu for this years Halloween season?

These drinks sound super yummy too, so I'm for sure going to try this out.

According to phillyvoice.com this is how you order:

"To access the secret menu, if you look in the lower left-hand corner of the ordering menu in Wawa stores, there will be a little orange pumpkin with the chain's signature goose mascot inside it."

This is what's on the menu ...

Graveyard Smash: A chilling combination of crushed cookies and chocolate sauce blended into a creamy vanilla base topped with whipped cream, cookie pieces, and gummy worms.

Fang-o Mango:  A mango smoothie with a chocolate drizzle topped with a scary pool of strawberry and whipped cream.

Franken-Mint Macchiato:  A haunting blend of milk and mint syrup layered with espresso and topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cookie pieces.

Obviously, this menu is available for a limited time... so you'd better hurry in before it's gone.

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