What do you do when you come face-to face with a massive creature of the deep? You gotta get it on film! If you haven't seen this video yet, your jaw will drop.

Father and son fisherman duo Doug and Zach Piller from Bensalem, Bucks County had the heart-pounding experience of a lifetime when a MASSIVE humpback whale breached the surface of the water directly next to their boat!!

Credit: Zach Piller
Credit: Zach Piller
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Funny thing is, Zach, who was recording, had no idea a whale was right beneath the surface. He was just trying to record their catch. Right before the whale breached, you could see a sudden activity of small fish rush to the surface.

Credit: Zach Piller
Credit: Zach Piller

And then when the whale burst from the water for a large gulp of fish, you can hear Zach's utter shock and bewilderment. (Along with some four-letter words)

You've gotta check out the full video down below. I'm sure the video doesn't even do this experience proper justice! (The potty-mouth words have been edited out in this video.)

What's almost as shocking to me is that fact that the dad, Doug, doesn't seem fazed AT ALL by the whale, while his son is justifiably freaking out! Doug just smiles and never loses the grip of his fishing pole!

I would have LOVED to experience this myself. Whales are fascinatingly beautiful and mysterious creature. To have been this close must have been thrilling!

Have you ever seen a whale off the Jersey shore? They're becoming more common in Jersey waters!


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