Ahhhh, my favorite weekend is here! Daylight Savings Time ends and you know what that means... cue the band...

We get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I was thinking, instead of staying in bed, I may be ambitious and use my extra hour to catch up on life. We all need that every now & then, right?

Do something you say you never have time for because this weekend there are no excuses, you have an extra hour. Don't waste it.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing with my extra hour:

1. Getting a pedicure. Now that I'm back to wearing my Uggs, I'm not even going to tell you how long my toenails are. I also need a new fall color for my toesies.

2. Start my Christmas shopping. Don't judge! At least I waited until after Halloween. I've got to get moving now. These gifts aren't going to buy themselves.

3. Clean out my closet. This makes my list every year, and it's still not done actually, so forget it, moving on.

4. Organizing my apps. Have you ever done this? The little organizer in me (thanks, Mom!) really wants all the shopping apps together, all the music apps together, etc. You get the idea, and if you've done it: you will know how long this takes. I usually do a few and give up. My screens are all awry and it's making me nuts!

5. Catching up on Social Media. Because I don't spend nearly enough time scrolling through all my feeds every day... Can you hear the sarcasm? I need one of those times telling me I've had enough screen time for the day.

This list is starting to sound exhausting, so I may just be getting that extra hour of sleep after all?

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