If you take 295 South often, you've probably noticed the construction of a huge shipping warehouse right after the Route 1 exits. You can definitely see it from 295 because they cleared out a lot of trees and everything. The warehouse is actually in Lawrence and the exact address is 10 Princess Road. The warehouse is empty right now, but Community News, reported that Amazon may be looking at it to use as one of their facilities. If they do get it, Amazon will make it a 24 hour 7 days a week facility. They plan to hire at least 250 workers to work there and that number could reach even more during the holidays when they hire even more people because of increasing business. There will be vans and trucks arriving and departing at all hours, however, Community News reports, the engineering company working on the project doesn't see it being a huge traffic jam.

I feel like Amazon Warehouses are popping up everywhere nowadays. I get it, Amazon is a multi billion dollar company. They need more warehouses because they have so many order When we used to live in South Brunswick, they built a huge warehouse at the end of Ridge Road and we lived in an apartment complex near there. The traffic became crazy and we are so glad we moved out of there when we did. I only can see the warehouse from 295, so I am not sure if it is in a residential area, but, if it is, those residents better get ready for some heavy traffic.

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