I was absolutely horrified when I was driving to work on December 28th and I saw a Christmas tree out on my neighbor's curb! Really?! On December 28th? I feel like that is way too early to be taking down Christmas decorations. I am not a person that will keep their tree up all year long, but I wait until at least New Year's Day to take everything down. This year we'll be taking everything down a little later because we're having a small get together on January 2nd for my son's birthday and I do not feel like taking everything down and putting it away. Plus, we spend so much time preparing for Christmas and in a few hours, it's over. Especially with the year we've had, I want to hold onto Christmas as long as I can.

I went on the PST Instagram and asked some PST listeners when they take down their Christmas decorations and some of their answers may surprise you.

When PST Listeners Take Down their Christmas Decorations

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