The annual heath ranking has been released which lists New Jersey's health by county.

Now, I know the question is ... where does Mercer and Burlington County fall on this list?!

Well would you be surprised if I told you that out of New Jersey's 21 county's, Mercer County ranked in 13th while Burlington County ranked in 10th. Both counties pretty much fall in the dead center of the list.

Your next question might be, what makes these areas healthy or unhealthy. Well, it could very much be based on income and cost of living and more.

“Where New Jerseyans live, learn, work and play influences their health, and we know having safe, secure housing is a critical social determinant of health,” state Health Commissioner Shereef Elnahal said via

On the plus side for Mercer County it has moved up on the list from last year as it saw a decline in violent crimes but child poverty and STD's numbers kept it on the low side on the raking. However, Burlington County has been bumped down a notch but did see improvements in flu vaccines and mammography screenings according to

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