Since moving to New Jersey one of the only things that I dislike about the state is that you have to pay to go on the beach. That is ridiculous. Why should we have to pay? We already pay for so many other things.

Really, I hate having to pay to have some fun at the beach. I mean there are a few Jersey Shore beaches that do not require you to pay to hang out with family and friends. Wildwood is one of them but it seems like that may come to an end soon.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, one of the Jersey Shore beaches that is "considering" to start charging is Wildwood. The reason behind this consideration is because a lot of people are actually shooting over there on warm days and causing bigger crowds.
It was mentioned on The Philadelphia Inquirer that another reason that the island is considering to start charging is to get a little help with the maintenance costs.
The Mayor of Wildwood told The Philadelphia Inquirer that most people that have complained about the beach fee are all from out of town. Yup, me, I am the complainer! Paying for beaches is ridiculous. We learned that this beach fee can be beneficial for those that own property in Wildwood since it is one of the beach towns with the highest property taxes.

Ok, now things change. If I was a property owner and I had to pay more taxes for people to have free beach time I wouldn't be too happy. I would be for the beach fees like many other Wildwood property owners are.

This is not something new that Wildwood is considering. It is still not confirmed when the beach fees will take effect or if it even will be a thing.

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