The sweetest gesture happened this week at a Phillies game. These are the precious moments that restore my faith in mankind.

Here is some wholesome content to kick off your weekend. 10 year old Aaron Pressley was attending the Phillies versus Chicago Cubs with his family on Thursday when he was one of the lucky few to catch a foul ball. The Willow Grove native was so excited he raised the ball in the air to show off his accomplishment.

What he did next, no one saw coming. Pressley decided against keeping the ball for himself as a souvenir, and instead gave it to the little girl near him who had also tried to catch the ball.

“I looked to my left and I saw a little girl crying and I’m just thinking in my head, ‘I can’t keep the ball,'” Aaron Pressley told 6abc.

This was such a selfless gesture that really touched my heart. But what Pressley said next really woke me up to the fact that not everyone has a kind, giving spirit like he does.

Just do nice things for people,” Pressley said, according to 6abc. “People say Phillies fans are not the nicest people, but that’s not true. Just be a nice person and always have positive energy inside of you.”

So is that true, do Phillies fans have a reputation for being mean? Well, it's true. Not just in baseball, but in all of Philadelphia sports, the state's fans are known for being the meanest in America.

Remember the time a Phillies fan purposely threw up on a little girl? According to NBC Sports, back in 2010 a group of drunk fans were kicked out of the stadium for intentionally vomiting on a police officer and her little girl.

Or maybe you remember the time a few years ago when a Phillies fan decided to throw a beer can at one of the Phillies players. Why would you try to hurt someone you're rooting for? Make it make sense.

The examples go on and on and on. There is a whole lot of truth to Aaron Pressley's statement.

I think we should all take some notes out of that kids playbook, and try to show some acts of kindness as we root for our favorite teams this year.

What do you think?


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