Halloween has come and gone and I'm sure households all over New Jersey have tons and tons of candy left over. If your family is anything like mine used to be growing up, we had candy for months on ends. Well if you're looking to get rid of all that excess candy, instead of throwing it away how about donating it to our soldiers?

An organization called Soldiers' Angels started a campaign named "Treats For Troops". According to their website"Soldiers’ Angels Treats for Troops is a Halloween Candy collection program where local businesses accept excess Halloween candy from kids in exchange for goodies." Dental offices are usually the business that participate the most, but churches, gyms, schools and more are encourage to participate as well. If you happen to own a business, you can register to become a candy drop off site. This could be a great way to engage with your community while at the dame time helping our military.

So once these businesses have collected the candy, they ship the candy to Soldiers’ Angels. According to their website, the last step is for the Soldiers' Angels to ship all of the candy from all over the country overseas to our service members and veterans.

If you would like to help out and get rid of some of your Halloween candy, find a drop off location near you here. Or register to become your own drop off site here.


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