Starting today, you can get your Starbucks fix without leaving your home or office.  Starbucks has partnered with Uber Eats for a new service called Starbucks Delivers and New Jersey is just one of 16 places where it's available.  (Starbucks Delivers is also available in Philadelphia).

Starbucks says that over 95% of Starbucks menu items are available, "including favorites like the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew or Starbucks Cold Brew."  Customized beverage items are also available.

Starbucks Delivers is available via the Uber Eats mobile app.  (Note...for orders under $10, a $2 fee will be added).

As an incentive to give it a try, "customers can receive 25% off first-time orders through the Uber Eats mobile app for a limited time."

Starbucks says it hopes to make Starbucks Delivers available nationwide in 2020.  For more info, click here.

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