If you bring up the Dallas Cowboys to any Philadephia Eagles fans they will instantly ignore you or start talking a bunch of smack about the football team. Dallas Cowboys are not accepted in any household in Philadelphia. Things have changed a little with the injury of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott.

According to FOX 29, a young Philadelphia Eagles fan that has gone through multiple surgeries himself sent the Dallas Cowboys quarterback a heartwarming message to help the quarterback pull through after his gruesome injury. The young Philadelphia Eagles fan, Giovanni Hamilton, told FOX 29 that since he has gone through a lot of pain with surgeries he wants Dak Prescott to know that he wishes him well. He also wanted to show that Eagles fans do have good sportsmanship "and put football aside for a second."

In the video directed to Dak Prescott after his injury, Giovanni Hamilton says that "even if it's your most hated team you never want to see that happen to anyone.”

Giovanni Hamilton's mom told FOX 29 that her son is known for making videos for any player that's gotten injured. We learned that the young Philadelphia Eagles fan actually has his own podcast called "Philly Sports with Giovanni" where he has had the chance to interview some big names from the Philadelphia Eagles Squad.

It was also stated on FOX 29 that Giovanni Hamilton has gone through multiple surgeries due to his Schwartz Jampel syndrome which is an illness that affects bones and muscle development.

Giovanni Hamilton, we must say we love your kind heart and your video was amazing.

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