In the midst of a national coin shortage, Wawa is asking for your coins, and they'll reward you by giving you a free cup of coffee, a fountain beverage, an ICEE or even a hoagie for bringing your coins in.

I stopped in the Wawa on Route 130 in Hamilton (right by the Hamilton Marketplace shopping center) the other day, and I saw a sign on the door that caught my attention. The sign read, "We Need Coins." It went on to say that there will be no fee for exchanging your coins for cash.

Nice. My husband, John, throws all of his change in a big cup at home, and then goes to one of those coin machines to get cash, but, they take a percentage of your money. So, bringing it to Wawa right now is better. It's easy because they don't have to be rolled up too, by the way.

At first, I thought the offer was exclusive to the Hamilton Wawa, but we confirmed with Wawa's Corporate Public Relations team that the offer is available at most stores.

You can bring your coins (either rolled or separated by type, between the hours of 6 am and 2pm to your local store. They'll exchange them for dollar bills.

Dollars aren't the only thing you can get in exchange for your coins at Wawa. For every $5 of coins exchanged, you'll get a free coffee or fountain soda.

For every $50 or more of coins exchanged, you'll get a free Short hoagie.
*This is an update to our original story, when the offer was previously $10. 

Customers are limited to one free item (drink or Shorti), per customer, per day. There are no rainchecks. Your free item must be taken the day you exchange your coins.

The whole country is experiencing a coin shortage, according to the Federal Reserve. They say the coin inventory issues will resolve once "the economy opens more broadly and the coin supply chain returns to normal circulation patterns," Newsweek reports.

Before I brought my haul, I called today (Monday, July 20th), to confirm this was still going in, and the very nice Wawa employee who answered the phone said, yes, it's still going on, and as long as a manager is there, you can exchange your coins at any time. He said their offer is going on as long as the coin shortage goes on.

This is so cool. Your spare coins could get you free stuff at Wawa. Empty your pockets, dig around your couch, clean out your car, and enjoy your freebies.

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