Zahav, a popular Israeli restaurant has been a popular go-to in Philadelphia since they opened their doors in 2008. They feature middle-eastern dishes from award-winning chef Michael Solomonov, and arguably they have the best hummus in Philadelphia. It's like IMPOSSIBLE to get a table at the restaurant.

So it was definitely a surprise that they were recognized by PHL17 as the "Top Spots" winner for 2018 as "best Indian restaurant."

Entry forms for this nomination were submitted through the PHL17 website. There were over 250 different categories to choose from, and although Israeli wasn't one of them, "Middle Eastern" would have been the next right choice.

Although Middle Eastern was an option, the restaurant was apparently nominated several times in the "Indian restaurant" category, and ironically, it actually received more votes than any other restaurant in the category reserved for Indian restaurants.

Do people not actually know what food they are eating?

Travis Brower, the PHL 17 creative-service director told that the runner-up in this category will be named the winner. Although they haven't announced which restaurant that is just yet.

Meanwhile, Zahav has yet to comment on this tragically awkward situation.

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