HAMILTON (Mercer) — Prosecutors said 58 people, mostly from New York City, were arrested at four ATMs on Tuesday as part of "suspicious activity" reported at Santander banks around the area.

The Mercer County Prosecutor's Office said Robbinsville police were called to the Santander bank 8 a.m. Tuesday on a report that a group of people were using stacks of cards to withdraw money while trying to avoid being caught on security camera.

Police ultimately arrested 20 people after they tried to avoid police. Officials said they confiscated numerous debit cards and cash.

Hamilton police spokesman Mark Watson said officers responded about 9:55 a.m. to a report of two vehicles parked at the Santander ATM on South Broad Street. Police said they learned of similar incidents in Hopewell, Lawrence, Princeton and West Windsor.

Hamilton officers were sent to three other Santander ATMs in the township and found additional vehicles and suspects during the day, according to Watson.

Police said they confiscated bank cards, cash, marijuana and a handgun.

Other incidents reported around Tuesday:

  • Lawrence police said four people were arrested and charged with using a fake debit card at the Santander bank on Princeton Pike.
  • Holmdel police said they arrested a Brooklyn man trying to fraudulently withdraw cash from an ATM on Main Street. He also had numerous ATM cards in other people's names, police said.
  • Wall police reported an "ATM scam" in which withdrawals were made using fake debit cards.

In Mercer County alone, more than $250,000 was stolen from ATMs, prosecutors said.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office told ABC 7 Eyewitness News that the scam used Greendot cards that are loaded with $200 but a security flaw allows additional amounts to be withdrawn.

The thefts are still impacting access to ATMs at Santander to non-customers.

"Santander is pleased to report that following yesterday’s events, branches are open and ATMs are back on-line, though ATMs are open to Santander customers only for the time being," spokeswoman Laurie Kight said in a written statement.

"All Santander employees are safe, and we continue to follow our safety and security protocols at all our locations," she said. "Customers should know that there has been no impact to their accounts, data or funds, and we continue to cooperate with law enforcement as they investigate this situation."

The following were the arrests made in Mercer County on charges of conspiracy to commit theft by an organized scheme.

Hamilton Township

  1. Tyler Holness, 21, of Yonkers, New York
  2. Rasheem Lee Jr., 18, of the Bronx
  3. Kymani Hinds, 18, of the Bronx
  4. Michael Santiago, 26, of the Bronx
  5. Saquan Vaines, 21, of Arverne, New York
  6. Kareema Hall, 20, of the Bronx
  7. Justin Brown, 22, of Arverne, New York
  8. Michael Manroop, 24, of Cambridge Heights, New York
  9. Nayvon Patten, 18, of Linderhurst, New York
  10. Jerry Trujillo, 24, of Maplewood
  11. Zaire Lewis, 18, of Maplewood
  12. Frankie Jerome, 21, of Maplewood
  13. Ahmad Muhammad, 18, of Maplewood
  14. Jordan Saquan, 24, of Brooklyn
  15. Arian Rasul, 22, of Brooklyn
  16. Starsheen Jones, 24, of Brooklyn
  17. Jordan Amador, 27, of Brooklyn
  18. Steven Wilson, 23, of Manhattan
  19. Nikye Bee, 25, of Manhattan
  20. Kevin Jones, 23, of Manhattan

Hopewell Township

  1. Ebrama Touray, 23, of East Orange
  2. Mbemba Kaba, 23, of East Orange
  3. Yacouba Sanogo, 24, of Newark
  4. Sekou Touray, 22, of East Orange
  5. Kingsley Nicolas, 22, of East Orange
  6. Orlando C. Chambers Jr., 21, of Lindenhurst, New York
  7. Emmanuel Edoise Oyakhilome, 22, of Lindenhurst, New York


  1. Elijah N. Oliver, 22, of Brooklyn
  2. Dandrea Taylor Dey, 22, of Brooklyn
  3. Quentin A. Hosten, 22, of Brooklyn
  4. Zachary B. Johnson, 21, of Brooklyn


  1. Amoire Dupree, 26, of Brooklyn
  2. Brittany Gittens, 20, of Brooklyn
  3. Hurshum Gittens, 26, of Brooklyn
  4. Charles Gordon, 30, of Brooklyn
  5. Veronica Gregory, 22, of Brooklyn
  6. Oswin Philander, 21, of Brooklyn
  7. Jeffrey Debrosse, 31, of Brooklyn
  8. Bolade Akingboy, 29, of West Hempstead, New York
  9. Jeffrey Desir, 34, of Brooklyn
  10. Julio Ramos, 33, of Jamaica, New York
  11. Kevin Philander, 26, of Newark, Delaware
  12. Jishawn Lee, 19, of Brooklyn
  13. Marlon Owens, 28, of the Bronx
  14. Alex Burnett, 30, of Jersey City
  15. T., 16, of Brooklyn
  16. F., 16, of Brooklyn
  17. Ackeem Samuel, 25, of Brooklyn
  18. Brandon Esperance, 20, of Brooklyn
  19. Kevin Owusu, 19, of Brooklyn
  20. Kareem Courtney, 23, of Brooklyn

West Windsor

  1. Philek Barington, 25, of Queens
  2. LaTonya S. Stevens, 26, of the Bronx
  3. Qwashan D. Mack, 19, of North Brunswick
  4. Hymeen S. Reynolds, 19, of East Orange
  5. Brajae U. Jones, 23, of Englewood
  6. Bryon K Jones Jr., 28, of Garfield
  7. Carla E. Donayre-Solano, 28, of Garfield

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story should not have attributed information to the Union County Prosecutor's Office.

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