Remember when you were a kid and your parents made you go shopping with them? Ugh. I do. At least I had a twin sister, who also had to come with us, so we would just play hide and seek in the stores. We only got asked to leave one store for chasing each other around. Oh boy, my mom was embarrassed and MAD. Lol.

None of the stores we used to go to what seemed like every weekend aren't even around anymore.

I bet you were dragged to some of these as a kid too. Back in the day, we had some really great stores that our parents, and maybe your grandparents, shopped at.

Here's a list I made from Mercer County:

Caldor - The one we went to was in Plainsboro, NJ. It was an all-purpose store, kind of like the Target of the 80s.

Jamesway - Another Target or Walmart type of store, one where you could get just about everything.

Woolworth - It used to be in Quaker Bridge Mall. Another all-purpose store. The best part about Woolworth, though, was the attached restaurant. The french fries were the best. It used to where Old Navy is now.

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Dunhams - This was the anchor store in the Lawrence Shopping Center for a long time. It's so funny to think back about how I thought it such a long journey from Cranbury, where I grew up, to Lawrence. I ended up making the drive daily because I went to Lawrence High School. Burlington Coat Factory is in that space now.

Mandee - If I remember correctly, this was a clothing store for women. I don't remember my dad shopping there, but we were always with my mom, I think. It was on Route 130 in East Windsor. It's a liquor store now. Lol.

Ahh, the memories.

Any others you remember?

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