Oh boy, you'd better check your tickets. There was a $50,000 winning lottery ticket sold in Lawrence Township, according to New Jersey Lottery officials.

The game was Powerball Double Play and it was from the Monday drawing (February 13, 2023).

The winning ticket was purchased at the Lucky 7 Deli & Food Store located at 1938 Princeton Avenue, Lawrence Township in Mercer County (where Route 206 & Princeton Pike meet). Wow. I used to get lottery tickets for my dad there a few times a week. He never won this big, though.

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The Powerball winning numbers were 17, 26, 37,61, 65. The red power ball was 2. the Power Play was 2x. No winner there. The pot rolled over to $570,000,000 for last night's drawing.

The $50,000 winning ticket came from the Double Play drawing. If you don't know what that is, it's another drawing that you have to opt into on your tickets.

One of the Double Play tickets matched 4 out of the 5 white balls and the Double Play ball. Winner! The winning ticket will pay out a whopping $50,000. That would certainly help you out, huh?

The Double Play numbers for Monday's drawing (February 13, 2023) were 12,17,26,61 and 69. The Double Play Ball was 22.

Executive Director of the New Jersey Lottery, James Carey, said in a press release, "Congratulations to our Double Play $50,000 winner. Just one extra dollar for the ticket doubled their chances to win a prize and it paid off."

Gosh, what would do if you instantly won $50,000? Pay bills? Go on a vacation? Buy a car?  A down payment on a house? A really fun shopping spree on Amazon?

Ahhh, to dream.

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