I saw a lot of people upset about this on social media yesterday, so I did some digging, and it's true...according to communitynews.org, the Acme in the Lawrence Shopping Center will close, for good, in late August. It's been there since 1979. It's ashame to see another vacancy in that shopping center. If you've ever driven by, the parking lot is never crowded, so I guess I shoudn't be shocked. It's convenient for many locals who don't want to battle Route 1 traffic.  I immediately thought of the workers who would be out of a job, but, thankfully, they'll have the ooportunity to transfer to open positions at nearby stores, which I guess would be the Acme on Route 33 in Hamilton. The Lawrence Shopping Center has new owners and is promising to give it a facelift. A bakery, Cafe du Pain, is set to open in August, and LA Fitness has submitted a proposal to Lawrence  to move into the old furniture building, near Acme.  Hopefully, we start to see other signs of life their soon.

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