This pandemic has truly wreaked havoc on many businesses in the area, whether they be big or locally owned. Aldo, the shoe store, is officially closing inside of the Oxford Valley Mall.

Stores everywhere are having to close down left and right. The pandemic left many businesses without a chance at a comeback. Many of they had a hard time re-staffing their stores, while others had a hard time making any money at all. 

Aldo, which is a shoe store in the Oxford Valley Mall, was open of those stores having a hard time and can no longer keep their doors open. “Entire Store on Sale! Store Closing,” signs now cover all of the windows in the store. 

This hurts my heart, but is probably better for my pockets. I used to go to Aldo all of the time. They sell some of the cutest shoes I have ever seen for reasonable prices. Not only do they have shoes, but they also have some really adorable purses, wallets, hats, sunglasses, and pretty much any accessory you can think of. Aldo was one of those store I did not purposely go to the mall for, but always ended up leaving with a bag from there. 

There is no word yet on when their last official day will be, but I think it is better to start looking at what they have now before everything is gone. When stores are going out of business, they typically will start with sales starting at 30-40% off, and as weeks go by progress to 70-90% until everything sells out. Stores will even sell mirrors or any fixtures in the store for profit. 


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