Start thinking about an alternate route, because Alexander Street, on the Princeton/West Windsor border is going to be shut down for about 6 months, on or around Wednesday, November 6th, according to Planet Princeton.

The state and Mercer County will be replacing two bridges and a culvert (whatever that

The Princeton Police Chief, Nick Sutter, warns there will be delays, and to be patient and find another way around the construction other than the official detour (Faculty Road) because that's likely to be jammed.

Geez, I remember the last time that area was closed, and all of Mercer County backed up, it seemed. Yikes. This is going to be a mess until commuters get used to it.

Princeton Planet says "pedestrians will be able to use the towpath, but they will not be able to enter or exit at Alexander Street. They will have to access the towpath at other entry points, such as Washington Road."

Brace yourselves, you may need another cup of coffee, daily, for this.

For more info, click HERE.


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