Since the coronavirus pandemic, I have not been saving money at all. I am being completely honest. Since I can't really go out and shop, I've been buying a lot on Etsy, Amazon and even ordering stuff at Target and using the drive up feature. It has been tough not being able to get my orders the next day or in two days with Amazon Prime because of how busy they became, but I've been dealing with it. I was definitely looking forward to Prime Day to save some money on some items, but then I found out, that Prime Day wasn't happening on July 6th, which is was supposed to. A few weeks ago, Amazon announced that they would not be having their Prime Day until the fall because of the current coronavirus pandemic, so that bummed me out. But then I found out that they will sill be doing something special for their customers.

According to, Amazon just announced they will have a "Big Style Sale" which will be should start on June 22nd and may last up to ten days. The sale will be focusing on all kinds of fashion brands on their site and let me tell you, if you've never bought clothes on Amazon, they have a huge site with thousands of clothing items.

So I know Prime Day will be pushed back a little, but hey, you can still get some awesome clothes during thier Big Style Sale, so Amazonaholics, it'll all work out.

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