Who wants to deal with phone scammers? Especially during the holiday season! Ughhhhh!  I remember years ago having to deal with scammers calling my Grandma's house and asking for information and being the sweet and innocent woman she was, she would give out any kind of information the people on the phone wanted. It was so sad and it frustrated the heck out of me! How can people be so heartless to scam people? Especially around the holidays? Well, get ready because there's a new scam out there and you need to be aware of it!

The Middlesex County Sheriff's Department wants you to be aware that scammers are making phone calls, and even leaving messages, telling you that you have an outstanding warrant for not showing up for jury duty. They will say on the phone that they demand an immediate payment paid by a prepaid credit card. They will even tell you to meet them in New Brunswick at the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Department released a statement assuring they have nothing to do with this scam and they would never solicit for payments over the phone and they urge you to NOT give out your information and to NOT meet up with these people under any circumstances!

Now that you're aware, let's put these phone scammers out of business!


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