According to, Joseph Kelly, 56, turned himself in to the Police by alerting officers in the parking lot of the Toms River Police Department that he may have a warrant out for his arrest. Now, it seems unusual that a man would turn himself in so easily, but nothing could prepare officers for what happened next.

Kelly was arrested after officers listened to his claim and discovered a loaded shotgun in his car. says he was promptly taken to a local hospital for a comprehensive evaluation.

Officers felt that based upon their interaction with Kelly they felt obligated to search his home. They told that they entered the Egret Drive home specifically “for the safety of any additional occupants.” 

As expected, officers did find more weaponry and ammo inside of the home. The bomb squad was called in as a precautionary measure.

Here is where the story gets weird.

Upon entering, they discovered there were no human occupants in Joseph Kelly’s home, however, officers were welcomed by a 500-pound pig.

Officers have been unclear about what charges have been brought against Kelly and what specifically about his speech caused these suspicions. An individual employed by the Toms River Police Department told that Kelly faces additional charges and the investigation of the incident is still happening.

More detailed information regarding the events will likely be available as the case unfolds. For now, the pig is safe in custody of Animal Control and police have since deemed the Egret Drive neighborhood safe.

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