The Philadelphia Eagles running back Corey Clement just did something amazing for Glassboro High School by giving the football team a $5000 Super Bowl Honor Roll grant.

What makes the Super Bowl Honor Roll grant even more special is the fact that Glassboro High is Clements alma mater. According to, the Eagles player stated, “I’m fortunate to be able to give back. It’s a dream of mine.”

The Eagles running back graduated from Glassboro high in 2013, and joined the NFL in 2017 after attending the University of Wisconsin.

Corey Clement seems like he's always held ties with his high school with an inspirational tone, "He has repeatedly returned to GHS to encourage student athletes and reconnect with the community" says

Because Clement played in the super bowl he was able to grant coach Tim Hagerty and the team $5,000 along with a golden football with Clements’ name on it.

Very cool.

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