A family in Hamilton is heartbroken after a fire killed two of their family members last week. The fire broke out around 4am July 9th according to NBC 10. The fire, on Woodlawn Avenue in Hamilton caused the roof to collapse. It was a terrible and tragic situation.

Six people were living inside the home in Hamilton and 9 month old Malani Sanders, and her grandmother, Tiffany Abrams-Jones did not make it out. The family was heartbroken over the loss of these two family members and we just learned this morning that their grandfather Prince Jones has died from his injuries.

Today, (July 12th) police have arrested Michael Sanders, who was Malani's father, for setting fire to the home that killed Malani and both her grandparents. Surveillance videos link Michael to the house fire that was deliberately set.

The family is hoping to raise money for the funeral costs of both baby Malani and her grandmother Tiffany. They are hoping to raise about $50,000 and as we all know, funeral costs can be astronomical. Not only did the family lose Tiffany and Malani, but four family members are still hospitalized.

If you can help in any way, please do. Whether you share the GoFundMe on Facebook, or donate any dollar amount, I bet the family will appreciate it. They are going through such a difficult and heartbreaking time. They could use all the support they can get.

We watched the news coverage of this fire on tv last week and it was just heartbreaking to watch. As a mom, I can't imagine losing my baby and especially to something as tragic as a house fire.

I pray for this family as this is going to be the most difficult thing to go through. I hope they stick together and lean on one another and hope the community comes together to give these two sweet souls the funeral they deserve.

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