If you're from New Jersey, most likely you will defend the Garden State to anyone who makes fun of it. You may be a small percentage that is a Jersey hater, but most likely you love it here, just admit it.

According to The Patch, Nico Araco and Kyle Wolftwo are two guys who grew up in Matawan felt that New Jersey needed its own rap song since Jay-Z and Alicia Keys already made one for New York, back in 2009. The video has tons of shots of the Jersey Shore as well as various New Jersey landmarks and the rap is about, well, everything Jersey! He talks about our road rage, our trucker mouths, and even the fact that if you don't know what a Wawa or pork roll is, you might as well not be from Jersey. The song was recorded in 2016, but it got popular again a few weeks ago.

You can read more about these guys on The Patch! Enjoy the Jersey video below and be careful, some language is not safe for work.

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