A bunch of shocked movie-goers had the pleasure of meeting Impractical Jokers star, Murr, when they went to see his new movie over the weekend in Hamilton Township (Mercer County). He made surprise apperarances at two of the township movie theatres.

My cousin and her family went to see "Impractical Jokers: The Movie" at the Regal Cinemas Independence Plaza 12 on South Broad Street on Friday night (February 28th), and couldn't believe their eyes, when Murr got up infront of the audience before the movie started, and welcomed them to the screening. Although, if you follow him on Instagram, you were tipped off. He clearly has a lot of fans as many approached him for an autograph during his appearance, and he happily posed for many pictures.

Murr also stopped at the AMC Hamilton 24 theatre on Sloan Avenue, the AMC New Brunswick 18, and the Regal Commerce Center & RPX that same night to greet the crowds, and thank them for their interest in the movie. I've noticed several PST listeners posting their pics with him on Facebook and Instagram. So cool.

I've only seen the show a few times, but, Murr is my favorite.

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