Compassion and kindness are two of the only things that have gotten us through this brutal year. In a world where millions are dying, families are losing their homes, people are being let go from their jobs, and suicide rates are at an all time high;  Americans need to feel cared for more than usual. We have been through a lot this year. Enough traumatic events happened in almost 365 days to make up for a whole decade. From the death of Kobe Bryant, to the Coronavirus pandemic, to the Black Lives Matter movement all the way to the election, 2020 has been nothing but heavy. In a new survey conducted by WalletHub, it seems some parts of the country put compassion into practice more so than others.

According to WalletHub, Americans donated nearly $450 billion in 2019. That number is expected to be much lower this year due to the financial crisis we have al faced this year. With a lot of people being forced to take unemployment checks and others forced to live on the streets, money was scarce this year. So Americans had to find other ways to express kindness.

Wallethub analyzed the 100 biggest cities in America and determined the most caring ones based on factors like volunteering, donating and 37 other indicators of a compassionate spirit. Boston Massachusetts came out on top as the most caring city in the country. Jersey City, New Jersey didn't place too bad on the list, in fact the city placed in the top 15 at number 12. Philadelphia placed a little lower, coming in at number 28 out f 100 cities.


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