Now this is a road trip I'd love to go on. Only In Your State just released a list of the best bakeries in New Jersey, worthy to get in your car and drive all over the state to try. Great idea, right? I'm definitely filling up my tank for this.

I dove right in, and was so excited to see one of my favorite hometown bakeries on the list. The Gingered Peach, on Gordon Avenue (right off Main Street), in Lawrenceville is amazing. It's the cutest little place where you can go meet a friend for a cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun (which is one of my favorite treats at The Peach). Hopefully, we'll get to linger, amongst all the goodies, again soon. You can still stop by and grab treats, you just can't linger right now (go away pandemic). Make sure to try a Trenton Volcano...yum. You'll get pork roll, spinach, and cheese, in a brioche roll, topped with everything bagel seasoning. You warm it up, and omg, it's delicious. I also love the croissants, Lemon Blueberry Loaf, Almost Key lime pie, Cereal Killer donuts (yes, that's the's a frosted donut topped with daughter's favorite), Blackout cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies...can you tell I love The Gingered Peach?

Back to the road trip. After The Gingered Peach you have many more stops, some not that far away like Crystal Cupcakery in Columbus (23203 Columbus Road), where they have different, fun cupcakes each day, and Dulce Artisanal Bakery in Collingswood (740A Haddon Ave). Never been there, but, their version of pop tarts are supposed to be really good.

You're tempted, aren't you. Check out the entire NJ Bakery Road Trip list here. Enjoy.

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