New Jersey is #2 on the list of the best states to live in if you love sandwiches.

According to Thrillist, New Jersey got it's ranking because of all the amazing italian hoagies in the state that we just loooove to eat. I'd have to agree. MY favorite type of sandwich is an italian hoagie (it's NOT a sub, it's a hoagie, but, I'll save that debate for another day) with lettuce, tomato, onion, oil and vinegar, a little bit of salt & pepper, and, oregano...NO mayo.

Sadly, my favorite deli, that had THE BEST italian hoagies, has closed, and I really, really, really miss it...Bossio's Deli. Ever since, I've searched for a good italian hoagie, and there have been some close seconds, but, still nothing quite compares to Bossio's.

But, here's the list of some places in the Mercer County area where you can get a decent italian hoagie.


1. Hoagie Haven - Princeton

2. Tastee Subs - Lawrence

3. Hogback Deli - Bordentown

4. Little King - Hamilton. Oh, and also in Hamilton, Briarwood Deli.

5. Primo Hoagies - Ewing

Not seeing your favorite on the list? Where's your favorite place?

By the way, our neighbor, Pennsylvania is #1, because of their cheesesteaks. But, I'm telling you, you don't have to leave Mercer County for the best cheesesteak. You have to give Meatheadz, on Route 1 in Lawrence, a try. YUM!

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