Today is a big day for the state of Pennsylvania as it enters the "yellow phase" of reopening and trying to get things back to normal. FOX 29 reported that today, Friday (June 5), an extra 176 Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores have the chance to open their business back up and have some limited in-store service.

According to Fox 29, out of the 176 stores opening Friday, 31 of those Fine Wine and Good Spirits are in the Bucks County area and 33 are in Montgomery County alone. In total, you will be able to find over 520 liquor business opening across the state.

Some of the restrictions aren't too tough. Obviously we all know that everywhere we go we have to continue practicing social distancing and these Fine Wines and Good Spirit stores will be following those same social distancing guidelines. We learned from FOX 29 that the business can only allow up to 25 people in the store at a time. There will also be special hours for the elderly.

FOX 29 also reported that due to the high volume of looting in the City of Brotherly Love the past few days, 31 different Fine Wines and Good Spirit businesses are forced to remain closed. It was also mentioned that one store in Delaware County was affected by that.

We also learned from FOX 29 that due to the damage caused by the looting, around 17 stores will continue to only offer curbside pick up since they are very limited to provide the full service.

It is just great to hear that warmer weather is getting closer and the Fine Wine and Good Spirits stores are reopening for business. We no longer have to struggle to find a place to get some weekend drinks.

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