The Patch reports, due to COVID-19 cases and exposure, many Motor Vehicle Commission offices have been forced to close. This causes a huge problem since Motor Vehicle offices were closed for such a long time during the pandemic shutdown. Now there are people scrambling to get things done like license renewals, Real ID's and other Motor Vehicle related issues. I was one of them. Now that multiple motor vehicle agencies have had to close for days at a time due to COVID-19 exposure, The Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey has had to think of another way to serve New Jerseans. The Patch says, because of this issue,  most issues are being able to be dealt with online. You just access NJMVC website and you should be able to solve your issue. If you can't you'll have to make an appointment.

in January of 2020 I gave both to my son Nathan. I had no idea that my license was going to expire in February. I was out on maternity leave until the end of February, the beginning of March and then the pandemic struck ad shut the whole world down. I could not get my license renewed and thanks goodness police officers weren't really holding drivers accountable since all the DMV's were closed. Fast forward to when the DMV's began opening, I could not get an appointment and I had no time to wait outside and agency all day to try and get in. So I waited and emailed and called and when I finally got an email back, I was happy when they told me to check for appointments at midnight and 6am. I finally got an appointment and last Monday I finally renewed my license after a year of it begin expired. II was super nervous that my appointment would be canceled because of all the closed agencies, but thankfully mine was still open. Everyone was super helpful and I was actually in and out within an hour. Thank goodness.

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