USA Today reports, Lowe's the home improvement store, is having a Valentine's Day event for that could be super fun. You and your honey can enter to win a reservation at Lowe's for an after hours experience. You and your honey will get some paint suits and safety goggles and you'll get to do some splash art on a canvas. Only Lowe's in select cities are participating in this promotion, but there are a bunch. If you do not win the Night of Lowemance, everyone that enters still wins a free cooking class with Chef Kelli Ferrell who has been on the Food Network, and he'll teach how to assemble a charcuterie board. That's a pretty good consolation prize I think. You can make your reservations and get more info about A Night of Lowemance here.

Valentine's Day is not a huge deal with my husband and I. We try to show each other love every single day and try to appreciate each other every day as well. The key word is TRY, with work and our son and our puppy, it's tough to do all of this. So, this year in Valentine's Day, since we will actually both be home, we plan on having some yummy brunch and some drinks and heart shaped foods. Spending it together is what matters to us and not the activity. Once our son gets older, I think we will try to do more activities, but it's hard to get a babysitter for a few hours, so that's another reason why we're staying home. I know a ton of people who love to do things on Valentine's Day, and a splash painting session sounds like fun.

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