The owner of the Newtown Athletic Club isn't going to let anything hold him back from opening the gym and having it available for the gym members. According to NBC 10, the owner of the Newtown Athletic Club, Jim Worthington, did not want to be interviewed by the media to give comments in regards to opening the gym again in the midst of a pandemic.

NBC 10 mentioned that the gym owner, Jim Worthington, did say, "My only quote is these three words: exercise is medicine."

On the Newtown Athletic Club's Facebook Page, it was mentioned that "there is no better feeling than being reunited with our members after 3 months." Is it really safe to open up again? Well, really there is no right or wrong answer since Bucks County is looking to enter the green phase next Friday, June 26.

According to a Facebook post shared by the Newtown Athletic Club on Monday, it mentioned that the gym officially opened on June 17 and it was available to all members.

We know many people have been waiting for the gym to open again so this is great news for members at the Newtown Athletic Club in Bucks County.

Newtown Athletic Club hasn't made it clear yet but from a Facebook post made by the gym, it does seem like the staff members will be wearing face masks at all times. Part of the post read, "With 2 successful days, full of smiling members (& smiling staff under their masks) we are eager to welcome our NAC community, as a whole, back together tomorrow.”

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